Here you will find out who we are, what we believe and why we think this should interest you.

Many people are looking for the purpose to life and that is not surprising because we do not really function as individuals unless we have a purpose. We believe that the Bible has the answer to that question which is why the Bible plays a central part in our church services. See “About us” page for more information on our services.
As a result of making the Bible central to our worship, we believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved from sin and its devastating consequences, and of being brought into a right relationship with the God who made us.
We have services in Tain and in Hilton every Sunday morning and evening. You can be assured of a warm welcome if you wish to come along. But don’t just take our word for it: Come and see for yourself.

Sunday Services   

10.00 Fearn         11.30 Tain

18.00 Tain         18.00 Fearn

Bible Study & Prayer Meeting:

                                                                         Wed 19.30 Tain      Wed 19.30 Fearn

To contact the minister,  tel: 01862 892156

or email    minister@tainandfearnfreechurch.co.uk