New Building Project

New Building Project:
In 2016 the congregation  purchased the Old Health Centre in Tain, pictured below, as a site to build a new church. 

The Old Health Centre, Tain.



February 2018. 

Reynolds Architecture have now prepared and presented their plans to Highland Council to transform the old Health Centre pictured above into our new church building.

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If you would like to make a donation towards building our new church  here are two ways you can do this:

   1. We have created a direct link using BT’s free online donation service, which will instantly link you to our Tain and Fearn Free Church, New Church Building Project Donation page. Simply follow the link below.

  2. We have added the new church building  fund to  

If you buy anything online you could collect a free donation for the church at the same time. It can be from your weekly shop to your annual holiday – and the donation will go straight to the Tain Free Church, New Church Fund.

There are over 3,000 shops and sites on board ready to make a donation, including Amazon, John Lewis, Aviva, thetrainline and Sainsbury’s etc…

Simply click on  this image to join,  or follow the 3 steps below.            

                                                                                          Tain Free Church New Church Fund

     1. Use this link…/tainfreechurchnewchur…/and join for free.

    2. Every time you shop online, go to easyfundraising first to find the site you want and start shopping.

    3. After you’ve checked out, that retailer will make a donation to your good cause for no extra cost whatsoever!

There are no catches or hidden charges for either you or the church and Tain Free Church’s New Church Fund will grow from your donations.

Thank you for your support.


Making the Tain new site secure

First day on the job was making the new site secure!


For updates on the new building project follow the link below;

Fundraising Committee Newsletter

Hilton Church Hall Extension

A large extension to the church hall at Hilton was completed in June 2015 with most of the work being done by volunteers within the congregation.   The extension was necessary due to a rapid and very welcome growth in the number of children attending church. 
A temporary portacabin had to be purchased to provide enough space for all the children in crèche and Sunday-School until the hall extension could be completed. 

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The new hall and much larger kitchen are also ideally suited to catering for the constantly growing numbers attending the Free Lunch each Monday and also for various congregational get-togethers during the year.